Max/MSP automatic Bpatcher

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Max/MSP Automatic Bpatcher (autoBpatcher)

I've created an abstraction, wich you could insert anybody into his abstractions. With autoBpatcher included, your abstractions open automaticly as a Bpatcher with the size of your layout in presentation mode. I did'nt like the procedure (like Vizzie Clippings)...

Zip File
- includes Abstraction 'rbtnk.autoBpatcher'
- its Javascript and
- rbtnk.autoBpatcher.maxhelp


- download and unzip

- place the files in an directory wich is visible by max

- place an rbtnk.autoBpatcher object box in your abstraction

- use your abstraction in an other patcher, when your abstraction is a regular object box, it should be a bpatcher after 100 ms... hopefully

known Problems:

- nested autoBpatchers - the nested bPatcher has no presentation rectangle, thatswhy the automatic sizing of the parent bpatcher does not work exactly. Solution: place a panel behind your nested bpatcher. this panel should be visible in presentation.


Download autoBpatcher v2

Max/MSP rbtnk.autoBpatcher v2 abstraction (tested Max 5/6)