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I want to buy a Midi or CV Sequencer

...and thats not easy. I could go to the next store or order a sequencer online. But even if I could, I don't know for wich device I should decide...

A Sequenzer? For what?

I have two use cases. I need anything to play with my synthesizers and drum machines. So far so good. At the moment there are these on my shortlist:

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Ok, Ok, Ok. The Oktatrack is a complete different league than the others. But in this context it comes to my mind...

Why don't you simply use your computer with an DAW such as Ableton ? Because it offers way too many options and is too inflexible at the same time. Sounds  paradoxical, it is perhaps ;-) The advantage of a good hardware sequencer is in my point of view that for all functions is an knob available and can be targeted for jamming the sound and processed quickly. Using mouse is not an option . Ableton Push has also not yet proved as good for me . However, now , a second use case is still in the game :

Sequencer to play with MIDI and CV messages

I have a some quite old drum machines, synthesizers, a modular type synth based on Android and a couple of old effects pedals, which can also be controlled via MIDI , however . Jamming at the moment: Ableton is the midi clock to keep everything in sync and acts as a recorder and sometimes to play samples. The Drums have their own sequencers, however, the various synths don't and for the drum modules it would be nice to control individual parameters in a time based manner... With my modular pieces and effect devices, it would be very cool if they could also be controlled via MIDI / Control Voltage ( CV ) ...